Lube-Shuttle® Grease-Gun-System and product line by MATO
Designed and manufactured in Mühlheim, Germany

Clean & Easy!

  • Remove screw cap
  • Screw in cartridge
  • READY!

Economical & Ecological!

  • Optimum cartridge discharge
  • No air release necessary
  • Cartridge is refillable
  • Permanent monitoring of grease type and fill level

Comprehensive Product Line!

Our product line currently includes side-lever grease gun, one-hand grease gun, battery-operated grease gun, air-operated grease gun, air-operated grease spray gun, grease-cartridge dispenser.

Lube-Shuttle® In Action!

One System For All Greasing Applications

This video shows you the different uses of the unique Screw-Cartridge-System Lube-Shuttle®. One System for all greasing applications.
Manual, pneumatic, and battery-operated greasing, spraying, filling and dispensing. Amazing!

Lube-Shuttle® Products

Lube Shuttle AccuGreaser 14.4-LS

Lube-Shuttle® AccuGreaser 14.4-LS

Battery operated grease gun, electronically controlled, fast charger with overload protection.
14.4V Ni-Cd-Battery: 1,500mAh, 1 hour charging time. 14.4V Li-Ion-Battery: 3,000mAh 1,5 hour charging time. High pressure rubber hose 750mm (burst pressure 1,650 bar) with 4-jaw hydraulic coupler R1/8", in carry-along case with space for spare battery and grease cartridge. Delivery: 100cc per min. approx.

Lube Shuttle side lever grease gun

Lube-Shuttle® Side-Lever Grease Gun

Side lever grease gun for Lube-Shuttle® system cartridges, manufactured completely from high quality zinc plated steel including strengthened steel head assembly. Handle fitted with ergonomic hand grip. Packed in environmentally friendly display carton.
Working pressure over 400 bar / 5,800 psi, maximum pressure capability 800 bar / 11,600 psi approx. TÜV, DLG, BLT approved.

Lube Shuttle TG One-Hand Grease Gun

Lube-Shuttle® TG One-Hand Grease Gun

One-hand grease gun with zinc plated barrel for the Lube-Shuttle® system cartridges, ergonomically designed pistol grip, packed in environmentally friendly carton.
Pressure capability of approximately 300 bar / 4,350 psi.

Lube Shuttle Air-Operated Grease Gun DF-LS

Lube-Shuttle® Air-Operated Grease Gun DF-LS

One-hand air-operated grease gun for the Lube-Shuttle® system cartridges, designed for grease up to NLGI Class 3, single shot system.
Output 1ccm per stroke, pressure ratio 1:60, max pressure 480 bar / 6,950 psi, air pressure 3 to 8 bar.

Lube Shuttle LS-500 side lever grease gun

Lube-Shuttle® LS-500

Lube-Shuttle® is now available to suit 500grm screw in cartridges. Side lever, One hand and Battery operated models available.
Specifications as per standard Lube-Shuttle® range.

Lube-Shuttle® Dispenser Lube-Shot 400

Designed to apply grease to all open surfaces, i.e. uncaged roller bearings. The dispenser will replace traditional, messy methods of application with open cartridges and brushes. The use of this dispenser will permit clean and uncontaminated greasing of open bearings.
Lube-Shot 400 with nozzle, screw cap and an adaptor nozzle for the Lube-Shuttle® system-cartridge.

Lube Shuttle Grease Spray Unit LubeJet-eco

Lube-Shuttle® Grease Spray Unit LubeJet-eco

This air-operated grease spray unit enables the spraying of grease directly from the Lube-Shuttle® system-cartridge without the need for propellants or chemical additives such as solvents. Spraying grease onto chains, wire ropes, open gears, slideways, telescopic booms, etc. offers enormous potential for cost savings.
The wasteful application of grease is history. The wide range of uses is literally unlimited.

Lube Shuttle refill adapter

Lube-Shuttle® Refill Adapter Part No. 31 150 50

Lube-Shuttle® cartridge refill adaptor for use with our MATO ecoFill and pneuMATO-fill filler pumps with threaded adaptor.